Television Credits

Title Year Character Production Director
The Power 2021 Robertson Laing Amazon Series Reed Morano, Neasa Hardiman, Shannon Murphy
The Trial of Joan Collins 2018
Urban Myths 2018 Sky Arts
Trust 2018 Walter Annenburg (US Ambassador) FX Network Danny Boyle
Episodes, Season 5 2018 Elliot Salad Showtime / BBC Iain McDonald
Tracey Ullman Breaks The News 2017 Studio Head BBC
Loaded 2017 Emperor Channel 4
I Live With Models, Season 2 2017 Dad Comedy Central
Episodes, Season 4 2014 Elliot Salad Showtime / BBC Iain McDonald
Galavant 2014 Sid’s Dad ABC/Disney Chris Koch
The Blandings 2013 The Director BBC Geoffrey Sax
Mr. Selfridge 2012 FW Woolworth ITV Productions Michael Keillor
Episodes, Season 3 2012 Elliot Salad Showtime/BBC Iain McDonald
American Invasion 2012 Narrator and Presenter Yesterday Channel
Hu$tle 2010 Marcus Wendell Kudos / BBC TV Roger Goldby
Shades of Love 2010 Conrad TBC Giles Foster
New Tricks 2009 Colonel Norton BBC-TV Julian Simpson
Bones 2009 Clive Frampton Fox Network Ian Toynton
After You’ve Gone 2009 Bill Tucker BBC TV Ed Bye
The Last Days of Lehman Brothers 2008 Jamie Dimon (Head of JP Morgan) BBC TV Michael Samuels
Doctor Who 4 2008 General Sanchez BBC TV Graham Harper
Bewitched 2008 Rex BBC/Sony Pictures TV Gareth Carrivick
Casualty 2007 Mike Barnicott ITV
The Bill four episodes 2007 Louis Dreyfuss ITV Steve Kelly
Diana Patrick
Trial and Retribution XI: Closure 2006 Max Stanford/Profiler
Guest Lead
Granada Television Ed Hall
The Catherine Tate Show
Season 2
2006 The Botox Breasts Tiger Aspect Gordon Anderson
Miss Marple
The Sittaford Mystery
2006 Martin Zimmerman ITV / PBS Paul Unwin
Dead Man Weds 2005 Chuck Newman
Red / Granada
Six part series
Sarah Smith
Hawking 2004 Arno Penzias
BBC - Films Philip Martin
the series
2002 Frank Scott
ABC - Hallmark Tom Wright
Mario Azzapardi
David Winning
The Lost Battalion 2002 General Alexander (supporting) Carousel Pics
A & E Ent.
Russell Mulcahy
The Division 2001 Judge Stone Lifetime ‘Deal with the Devil’ episode
The Catherine Tate Show 2004 The Botox skit Tiger Aspect Gordon Anderson
Ed Stone is Dead 2003 Dad
Initial series David Kerr
The Practice
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1999 D.A. Dawson ABC- TV Dennis Smith
The Practice 1998 D.A. Dawson ABC- TV Dennis Smith
Ally McBeal 1998 D.A. Dawson Fox - TV Michael Shultz
Jonathan Creek
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1999 Capt. Frank Candy (guest lead) BBC – TV
Omega Man
Keith Washington
The Nanny 1998 Stan
The Nanny and the Hunk Producer
J.A.G. 1999 Col.Hegstetter
(guest lead)
CBS - TV ‘Front and Center’
C.I.5 - New Professionals 1999 Dr. Woods
(guest lead)
SKY - Wickes Ken Grieve
J.A.G. 1998 D.A. Nardoni
(guest lead)
CBS – TV Michael Shultz
Dark Realm 1998 Guest Lead Warners Int. Malcolm Cross
The Knock (mini-series)
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1997 Principal ITV / Bronson Knight Prod. Gerry Poulson
Apocalypse Watch By Robert Ludlam 1997 Ambassador Courtland (supporting) ABC –TV Mini-series Kevin Conners
Gone in the Night 1996 David Protess
ABC tv Movie Bill L. Norton
The Marshall 1995 Barry Sinclair
(guest lead)
Paramount / CBS Pilot episode
Murder She Wrote 1995 Alex Weaver
(guest lead)
Universal Proof in the Pudding episode
Murder or Memory? : A Moment of Truth Movie 1994 (Principal) TV Movie Christopher Leach
Shattering the Silence
(Not in My Family)
1994 Ted Ricci
ABC TV Movie Linda Otto
Homefires TV- Series 1992 Ted Kramer
(series Lead)
NBC / Sony Columbia Bruce Paltrow
Tom Fontana
John Tinker
Dynasty : The Reunion 1991 Arlen Marshall
(series regular)
Various directors
The Care of Time 1990 Robert Halliday
Anglia / ITV
TV Movie
John Davies
Divided We Stand 1989 Bryan Gibbs
(Pilot Lead)
Spelling /ABC
TV Movie
Michael Tuchner
Rock and Roll Mom 1988 Jeff Robins. Disney MOW Michael Shultz
Tales of the Unexpected 1988 Stephen Baker ITV Series Finger of Suspicion
Dennis Potter’s Visitors 1987 Eddie
BBC – Screen TV Movie Piers Haggard
Dempsey and Makepeace 1984-1987 Lt. James Dempsey Tribune / LWT Series Tony Wharmby
Prod / Dir. various
Deadly Messages 1985 Michael Krasnick
CBS MOW Jack Bender
The Seduction of Gina 1984 Keith Sindell
CBS MOW Stan Jaffe
Emerald Point N.A.S. 1983-1984 David Marquette (Principal) CBS / Shapiro TV SERIES various directors
St. Elsewhere 1983 Tony Gifford
(guest lead)
TV series Aids and Comfort episode
Venice Medical 1983 Pilot lead. Spelling / ABC Hy Averbach
Between Two Brothers 1982 Lead CBS MOW Robert Lewis
Perfect Match 1980 Steve Triandos
Lorimar MOW Mel Damski
A Vacation in Hell 1979 Alan
ABC-MOW David Greene
The Comedy Company 1978 Paul Lester
CBS - MOW Lee Philips
Red Alert 1977 Carl Wyche
Paramount MOW Bill Hale
Scott Free 1976 Tony Scott
Universal MOW Bill Wiard
James Dean 1976 Bill Bast
NBC MOW Bill Butler
Police Story 1975 Guest lead TV Series A Community of Victims episode
Cage Without a Key 1975 Ben Holian
Columbia TV - Movie Buzz Kulik
Queen of the Stardust Ballroom 1975 David Asher
TV Movie Sam O’Steen
Police Surgeon 1975 Dr. Simon Locke
(guest lead)
TV Series Various
The Red Badge of Courage 1974 Jim Conklin
Rosemount /TV Movie Lee Philips
Hitchike 1974 Keith Miles
Universal / TV Movie Gordon Hessler
Medical Center 1974 Dr. Lensko
(guest lead)
MGM - TV ‘Web of Intrique’
The Third Girl from the Left 1973 David
MGM / TV Movie Peter Medak
Love Story – the series 1973 Guest lead Paramount TV anthology Michael Landon
Love American Style 1972 Guest lead TV series ‘Love and the Secret Habit’
Stangers in Apartment 7A 1972 Billy
CBS MOW Paul Wendkos
Owen Marshall, Counsellor at Law 1972 Guest lead TV series ‘Journey Through Limbo
The Impatient Heart
by Alvin Sargeant
1971 Frank Pescadero
Universal / CBS MOW John Badham
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1969 Guest lead Columbia /ScreenGems
Medical Center 1969 Guest lead MGM – TV Series ‘Thousands and thousands of miles’

Television Directed

Title Year Episode Production
Dempsey and Makepeace 1987 The Guardian LWT Series
Monsters 1987 The Match Game Spelling / Laurel Ent.

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